Thursday, October 10, 2013

All about Image masking and Clipping Path

The method of treating an image with software is one of the most important advantages of digital photography. Although features like - cropping, resizing are very simple. Nevertheless, there are a number of complex procedures like clipping paths and image masking which are also used on photographs to derive the best results.
What is clipping path?
Clipping path is a Photoshop application for photo cut out. It works wonder on brochures, website designing, e-newsletters and for many more promotional tools. Nowadays, it has turn into a print business necessity. If clipping path is done for professional purpose, it is better to sign up with a specialized outsourcing agency.  However, you can do this by yourself too but the perfection derives from the hand of a highly skilled designer is matchless. To do clipping path at first open the file you want to edit in Photoshop. Now select the path panel and start creating paths. After completion, merge the last path with the first one. Now select clipping path and save the file as TIFF format for further editing.

What is image masking?
Image masking refers to the method of isolating any particular portions of a photograph by knocking out the certain parts of the background and replacing it on a different one. Image masking enhances the overall quality of the photograph and makes it appropriate for magazine cover, newspaper advertisements etc. This process requires a Photoshop quick mask tool, lasso tool, pen tool or a magic wand. It requires a good amount of practice to get the effective results.

Photo Masking
One must remember that, different masking tools are for different images. Likewise, a magic wand tool is used for highly contrast photos since a lasso tool can create a break point at the edge of the object. However, a magic wand tool brings the perfect result for any type of masking. Image masking is a very time-consuming and complex procedure. It requires a lot of practice to work with the tools name I have mentioned before. One may fail to get the desired results with non-professional hands.
Both clipping path and Image masking is primarily used for modifying digital photographs, product catalogs and flyers. These editing applications helps to reuse the eradicated part with a different background or, a customized backdrop, it created photo transparency without compromising the quality, Improves photo quality and clarity both last of all creates a better ambiance for the picture.

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